Cupcake Bake-Off Party

Cupcake Bake-Off Party
Do you have a Knock-Out Cupcake Recipe?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupcake Bake-Off Party

The Cupcake Party Bake-Off
Date: March 13th 2011
 Time: 2:00 PM
 Place: TBD
Cupcake Entries
Participation is limited to 12 bakers and 4 Judges. Judges cannot compete or be related to contestants. There will be a $5.00 registration fee which will be collected the day of the event. The registration fee will be allocated toward prizes.
Each participant must submit their registration form along with a copy of the recipe for their cupcake entry within 10 days of the event, no later than March 3rd 2011. PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO: to receive a copy of the registration form and instructions on how to submit.
Each participant shall agree to the following rules. Failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate cupcake repossession, and you must stand by and watch while we eat all of your cupcakes!
Cupcake Entries in the Bake-Off
Each participant is required to bring 1 dozen (12) standard sized cupcakes decorated and ready to serve for entry in the bake-off.  (Preferably homemade but if not we’ll understand – this event is just for fun!) All elements of the cupcakes must be edible except the cupcake paper baking cups.
One whole cupcake from each entry will be shown on the display table and then divided into ¼ to be served and tasted by the judges.
Name labels will be provided for each cupcake on display. (The name of your cupcake and a brief description) Example: The Lemon Drop – A lemon flavored cupcake with lemon chiffon frosting.
Three cupcakes from each entry will be sliced into four pieces for tasting by the participants
Judging the Bake-Off
As a judge you will be looking for the tastiest and most creative cupcake. You will taste 12 different cupcakes. If you eat a ¼ of each cupcake that means you may consume 3 cupcakes during the course of judging so we suggest you forget about the “diet” for the day! 
Entries will be scored according to the following categories with the lowest possible score of 4 and the highest possible score of 30
Taste: 1-10 points
Texture: 1-10 points
Appearance: 1-7 points
Creativity: 1-3 points
The baker whose entry holds the highest average total score is the winner.
If there is a tie, to place the tie breaker shall be determined by rolling 3 dice- highest roller wins.
The winner will receive the Grand Prize and will receive the title of The Cupcake Champion of the Northland. The second place winner will receive the runner up prize.
The Exchange
Each participant shall have 9 cupcakes remaining after the judging to allow every participant to take home 9 cupcakes. These numbers may be revised depending on our actual turnout.
If you wish to take cupcakes home you will need to provide your own containers. No containers will be provided.
The winner of the bakeoff has first choice of 9 cupcakes they wish to take home.
The Second and third place bakers get second and third choice on the assortment of 9 cupcakes they wish to take home.
Everyone else shall choose their cupcakes at random. Everyone walks away with the recipe of all entries and a happy sugar high!
*Milk – Hot Chocolate and Coffee will also be served at the event.
Please NOTE: If we get more participation we will have to make a few adjustments. We so far have had a lot of interest in this event so the number of participants may change the rules a little. We will keep you posted.

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